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8 Best Etsy Wine Jewelry

8 Best Etsy Wine Jewelry

If you are a wine lover, you will definitely appreciate the wide variety of wine jewelries you can buy either for yourself or as a special gift to that special person that means the world to you. These wine jewelries come in different types, colors and models to ensure you find something that suits your jewelry tastes.

1. Gold wine charm necklace.

This can come in the forms of gold initial necklace, wino necklace, wino gift, gift for wine lovers, and sommelier necklace.

This Etsy wine necklace is made with an enamel-filled wine glass charm, a golf plated chain and a hand-stamped initial charm. It is also possible for you to order your gold wine charm necklace without the initials. You will get to choose the necklace length you want when you place your order. All of the gold wine charm necklace are wrapped carefully and shipped to you through SPS no matter where you are with a tracking number that helps you track your choice Etsy jewelry while on transit. They are packed in a very neat cardboard box with a drawstring pouch and ribbon, which make them perfect to be given to your loved one as a gift item on their special day.

2. Wine bottle necklace

These are beautiful sets of wine lover gifts you can buy either for yourself or for the people that matter most to you. It is a unique Etsy jewelry for that special wine lover in your life. Imagine gifting that special wine lover you care so much about with this beautiful wine bottle pouring directly into a wine glass. The wine bottle necklace can carry up to three of your initials on the surface of the wine bottle and one of your initials on the wine glass. Your initials or those of your special one you wish to gift this Etsy jewelry to can be stamped on either the glass or the bottle. Once they have been stamped, the stamped initials are made to stand out by placing a special type of ink on the stamped initials.

3. Wine bottle earrings

These can come as 4d wine bottle earrings in the form of rose, grigio, reisling, canernet sauvignon, merlot, etc. It is one of the most sought-after Etsy jewelry you can find today, which explains why it runs out of stock fast. You can use this beautiful wine bottle earrings to show how much you love your favorite wine by adorning them with these extremely beautiful wine bottle earrings. As the tastes of these wines get upgraded, it is a good thing to add more visual beauty to the containers by wearing them these beautiful jewelries. There are about five varieties of these earrings you can choose from. Each of the wine bottle earrings is about 2 inches long and comes with a rubber backing and a nickel Fishhook. They all come packaged on a beautiful card and enclosed in plastic sleeves. These beverage earrings are shipped in bubble envelopes when you place your order to make sure they arrive your doorstep looking the same way they looked when you firsts saw them online.

4. Burgundy Rose Earrings

These wine rose earrings come in different styles to enable you have a variety of options to choose from. They are beautifully crafted rose stud earrings, just right for that retro, vintage look you love so much. They come in a dark burgundy color. They can make perfect additions to your already perfect collection of beautiful jewelries. The Roe cabochons are up to 13 mm in length. They can be made with stainless materials or plastic, you can decide on which material appeals to you must in terms of comfort and style.

5. Red Wine Pendant

This can be the most perfect birthday gift for that lovely teenage girl you have been hitting on. You can also get it for your beautiful teenage girl to mark her birthday in grand style. Apart from gifting your little girl this pendant, this can be a very simple, but classy gift for anyone who loves wine. They are simple silver wine bottles combined with wine glass edges, sanded smooth with a tumble well polished finish. They can come either in a sterling and plated silver depending on your preferences, and come attached to a strong rolo chain.

6. Wine Bracelet

This one if a perfect gift for every wine drinker. It can also serve as a perfect gift for mom on mother’s day. If she loves wines and wine jewelries, this Etsy jewelry will be well appreciated when you present it to her. It can also be a great birthday present for anyone who appreciates wines. These beautiful hand-crafted bracelets come with silver-plated wine charms printed on a silver-plated bracelet. Some variety of these wine charms you can find in these bracelets include: cork screw, wine bottle, and grapes.

7. Wine Bangle Bracelet

These wine charm bracelets if another perfect gift for her is she appreciates wine jewelries. Even if she does not appreciate wine jewelry, you can still gift her this beautiful etsy bracelet on her special day. Some of the different charms on this wine bangle bracelet include: win bottles, wine glass, wine opener, and grapes. The bangle bracelet can be easily adjusted to fit any writs size and comes in stainless steel material. This stainless steel material ensures these bracelets never rust or fade. A quick polish using a soft cotton makes it look brand new all over again.

8. Wine charm necklace

This is one perfect Etsy necklace to gift that wine loving friend who has been there for you all along. This wine necklace comes with an antique silver metal that measures up to 20x9mm. These wine glass charms come attached to silver chain that measures up to 18 inches. The necklace is packaged in a beautiful card with an inscription that says, any friend of wine is a friend of mine. Why express your undying love for that special friend with this wine charm necklace?

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