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Antiques Wine Lovers Will Love

Antiques Wine Lovers Will Love

There are wide variety of elegant antiques that make a great gift for wine lovers. Even if you are not a wine person, you can easily find

something that your wine lover friend will appreciate. Etsy is a great site when it comes to such products. They have a huge selection of quality products, from poison ring to wine cabinets to other wine antiques.

Following are some antiques available on Etsy that wine lovers will love:

Antique Wine Bottles & Glasses LED Cabinet

This is an elegant wine cabinet that features vibrant wine-red suede and oak finish veneer. Materials used to make this product include wood bidding, casters, oak veneer, wood, casted brass hardware, and suede fabric. Not only does this cabinet provides ample wine storage space, but it also sets the mood right with its LEDs. Some of its key features include provision to store up to 18 bottles of hard liquor, up to 8 bottles of wine capacity, capacity to accommodate over a dozen wine glasses, LEDs at all levels, key locking for restriction, and more.

Dionysus God of Wine Ring Gift

This antique sterling silver piece is another great gift for wine lovers. It features god of wine Dionysus with a wine bottle, an Art Nouveau style full figure pattern, and Gorham Versailles ring. Made with solid silver, sterling silver, and antique spoon material, this ornate, gorgeous ring is a vintage treasure. The pattern it features was made in 1888 but was discontinued about three years later. Being over 100 years old, this is one of the original pieces of wine antiques. There are other free finishing options available which you can use when placing an order.

MySacrum Poison Ring Skulls

Antique jewelry wasn’t just made to look attractive in the ancient times, it was also made to be used as a weapon. Poison ring is a prime example of this. These fascinating pieces of jewelry date back to ancient Asia. They later made their way into Western European culture in the Middle Ages. The MySacrum Poison Ring Skulls is made with garnet and sliver. Available in oxidant color, it is purely a handmade masterpiece that makes a perfect gift for wine lovers.

Rose Cut Diamond Poison Ring

This is another antique piece of jewelry that works great as a unique gift for wine lovers. Made with diamond gemstone, it is an attractive vintage piece from the 19th century. Having an estimate weight of 3 carats, the poison ring has an adjustable ring head that can be used as a container for perfume, poison, or other similar stuff.

Wine Bottle Holder Bronze


In Greek mythical and religious tradition, Dionysus is the god of winemaking and viniculture who provides people with fertility, joy, and strength. This neat bronze wine bottle holder features an attractive design of the Dionysus, making it an excellent gift to Greek/mythology enthusiast and wine lover. Made with patina and bronze, it is a vintage décor item for your kitchen and a luxurious gift for basically any occasion.

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