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Can you drink wine with cbd oil?

cbd oil benefits

Can you drink wine with cbd oil?

cbd wine

It is commonly known that mixing alcohol and drugs is a dangerous combination. From severe complications to death, it is not surprising that so many people are wary of mixing any two drugs or substances even for medical use. So, it is not surprising that CBD products mixed with alcohol have come under considerable scrutiny.

But the truth is that of the studies available along with anecdotal evidence, the CBD oil benefits when mixed with alcohol are not only still present, but there is little indication the combination causes any harm. While no substance has a 100% track record of being safe, mixing CBD products and alcohol seems to have no harmful side effects.

cbd wine

CBD Oil Benefits
There are some interesting benefits that have been observed both through anecdotal evidence along with the relatively few studies that have been done on the mixture of CBD and alcohol.

Lowers Blood Alcohol Content: One of the more interesting is that the presence of CBD seems to lower the amount of blood alcohol in the blood stream. This means that CBD helps to reduce the amount which otherwise might lead to overconsumption and even alcohol poisoning. While you can still do both even with CBD in the system, it is more difficult to do so.

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Delays Effects of Feeling Drunk: The buzz you feel when getting drunk is delayed with the presence of CBD in the system. While this does not prevent becoming drunk, CBD does seem to delay its effects at least in terms of what you feel.

Reduces Brain Damage: When you overconsume alcohol, you damage your brain. A 2013 study showed that CBD reduces the brain damage significantly in individuals who consumed too much alcohol.

Improves Liver Function: Another benefit of CBD is that the liver experiences less buildup of fat which is common with consuming too much alcohol and that the autophagy process which cleans out the debris in the blood is not as affected. While CBD does not prevent damage to the liver as common with some alcoholics, it does help protect it to a certain degree.

cbd products

Keep in mind that taking CBD does not mean you can suddenly drink and drive. Apart from helping to prevent the brain damage, CBD does not allow you to get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. This is because your motor reflexes and focus are still being affected by the presence of alcohol in the system.

cbd wine

Preventing Hangover
Another of the many CBD oil benefits when mixed properly with alcohol is that it helps reduce the effects of a hangover. In fact, if you drink water when consuming alcohol laced with CBD, it reduces the effects of nausea and the headaches that stem from the dehydration alcohol causes in the body. You may not feel perky the morning after, but you will not suffer as much either.

So, while you should not indiscriminately mix CBD products with alcohol, there are CBD oil benefits from the addition of alcoholic products when done correctly. You should not take any chances, but you should be aware that taking CBD products with alcohol in moderation may lead to additional benefits.

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