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How to Pair Wine with Food

How to Pair Wine with Food

Pairing food and wine is noticeably considered to be an art. While you might laugh in the face of art, thinking that food doesn’t have to be paired with any drink, or perhaps, that any beverage, alcoholic drink or standard cold drink can be enjoyed with fish or even an Italian pasta, you’re sadly mistaken

To those who appreciate food more than a drive through or cooking from frozen produce that takes 20 minutes to cook, there is an underlying art that is sourced from the most culturally diverse countries on the globe, as well as those, take cuisine and the culinary arts extremely seriously.

From the wine expert to the customer that can’t resist the flavour of a dry white with the chef’s choice of fish, wine is one such beverage that cannot be compromised with, when paired with the right food.


How to Match Wine with Different Types of Food?


Match the perfect meal with wine; there are many components to take into consideration. It starts with the intensity of the flavour, the balance of contrast and complexity, the sweetness, the oiliness of the food, as well as the amount of salt content, what types of meat is being served and the tannins.

Another significant component, which will help you decide is, the flavour characteristics and whether it matches that of either a sweeter or dry type of wine.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, you’ll be able to effortlessly know which type of wine can be paired with different kinds of foods.

1. The Flavour and intensity

Having a look at the flavour and intensity factor, you have to think about matching the right flavoured, as well as considered the weight of the wine, with the dish that is being served.

2. Sweetness

Specific wines must be paired with sweeter dishes. It is especially true for bitter or sour types of wines. One would never match a Sauvignon Blanc dry white with a dessert, for instance. A Chardonnay or perhaps even a sparkling wine, such as Rose, would be considered the best option for desserts.

3. Acidity

Adding to the freshness of food, wine can enhance the taste of food overall. Considering that Italian wines are naturally high in acidity levels, they are perfectly paired with pasta, pizzas and any tomato-based dish. White wines, however, are better matched with salads and especially Greek cuisine.

4. The Saltiness and Oiliness of Food

When it comes to salty foods, dry wines are considered to be the best pick. Think matching oyster or caviar with a sparkling, dry Champagne.Regarding oiliness, high-acidity levelled wines are more preferred and can be paired with all types of fatty foods that contain a lot of oil.

When pairing foods, you can use your tasting skills and instincts to match different flavours to different types of wine.

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