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Marketing trends for wineries

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Marketing trends for wineries

Marketing for wineries is becoming more and more difficult as marketing trends are constantly changing, along with customers themselves. As more wineries continue to pop up, the wine industry is becoming more competitive all the time. It can be difficult to stand out of the crowd in this industry, but not impossible if you know what you’re doing. Digital marketing is becoming more prevalent, meaning marketers have to learn new tricks while keeping up with the latest trends. Hiring a marketing consultant can make this task much easier because they know how to market effectively, they know how to research to stay up-to-date on trends, and simply put, this is their job.

Social Media
The most common ways to communicate with any company have always been calling and emailing, but communication is always evolving. More people now prefer using other forms of communication, such as social media or chatbots. These options make it easier for customers to get in touch with a company, including wineries, and receive a more timely response. Social media also has many other benefits. Customers learn everything there is to know about a company through their social media profiles. Customers will enjoy seeing a photo of a vineyard or wine warehouse, reading stories about how people enjoy their wine, and of course, learning about discounts. Customers want to know what’s going on with their favorite businesses, and wineries will greatly benefit from using social media to make that happen.

Take care of the environment
People are more environmentally conscious now than ever before, and they want to support companies who do their part in taking care of the planet. Customers are willing to pay more for wine that is produced in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment, animals, or people. Being transparent about the whole process of making wine is critical for keeping loyal customers. Make sure they know how everything is made and if products contain organic ingredients and be sure to show off any protection certificates the company has obtained.

Be authentic and transparent
As previously mentioned, customers care about where the products they buy come from and how they’re made. Some might say customers are getting too picky, but it’s because they don’t want their money being used to promote anything they consider bad, such as animal testing. People buying wine want to know all there is to know about the wine they pay for, so transparency is key. Social media is a great tool for transparency. Wineries can share videos to show where ingredients come from or how everything gets transported, they can explain the purpose of different ingredients, and even just the daily happenings of the company. Give customers what they want, and they will keep coming back.

Fun Events
People love spending time with their friends in a relaxing environment while drinking wine. One of the easiest ways to get more customers and keep them coming back is hosting events at the winery. It’s important to give customers a unique experience that they won’t soon forget. Offer wine tours and visits that are both educational and entertaining. Many wineries also take part in wine festivals, which is a great way to make new connections and reach new customers. Have blind taste tests, let guests stomp grapes, and show off your wine warehouse. The options are endless.

Use apps
One of the most convenient ways to introduce wine to young people is through third-party apps. There are so many apps that help customers find the best wine for them. They can choose based on their taste preferences, food choices, or the occasion. Wineries should utilize these apps to reach new customers. Wineries will also benefit from delivery services. Online shopping is becoming more popular every year, and the trend isn’t any different for wine. This can be set up through an app or a winery’s website. This also provides an opportunity to have people sign up for a loyalty program. This is usually done with a point system, where each bottle of wine would add up to a certain number of points. Once they reach a specified number, they could get free wine. Loyalty programs can also be used to offer discounts and coupons to loyal customers only. These programs are especially beneficial through apps since more people shop online using their phones than their computers.

Influencer Marketing
One of the easiest ways of marketing is allowing someone to do it for you. Wineries can pay people with a large social media following to drink their wine and promote it on their accounts. Some influencers will choose to do this just for discounts or free wine instead of money. Influencers engage with their followers, meaning they can not only talk about how great your wine is, but they can answer questions about it as well. People want to buy what influencers tell them to buy because they know how to make products look and sound amazing. Wineries shouldn’t leave out micro-influencers just because they have a smaller following.

Micro-influencers tend to be even more influential because they are able to develop more personal relationships with their followers, giving them even more influence. People tend to trust micro-influencers more because they don’t worry about having millions of followers. They are focused on specific niches, making it easier for wineries to choose who to work with.

The wine industry is thriving because people simply love wine. Individual wineries, however, may have a hard time standing out. Hiring a marketing consultant can be very beneficial, but as long as you keep up with the latest marketing trends, and listen to your customers, you can be successful and have a thriving business.

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