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Napa Wines

Napa Wines

Wines have been in existence since the very early existence of man and has served in several purposes. Certain wine brands have stood through time and are fast becoming a household name. Nothing beats having a nice wine variety with very good quality at an occasion or when having a drink –having a nice wine served for your toast during your wedding can make it really LIT for some people. The importance of wines in our days cannot be oversold. Napa wines dates back to as long as the 1800’s –no wonder the much attained experience and professionalism in offering simply amazing wine varieties. The name Napa wine have become a very popular one in recent times.

Napa valley wine and wineries have become an historic location with more than 400 wineries for you to chooses from –each with its unique and extremely impressive style. Some people can be very picky when it comes to the business of wine and have a very high taste for simply premium quality and best of taste notes. You need not be bothered as with the wide variety of Napa wines available, there is definitely something to befit everyone no matter your preference. From the several Napa valley wineries available, you can be sure to schedule a winery appointment for an unforgettable wine tasting alongside the dazzling and stunning views and several wine cellars they house.

No need to worry during any of your visit as you will feel just at home –about 95% of the wineries are owned and run by family members so you are sure to get just the right amount of homely hospitality.

Some of the Napa Valley wineries you can visit whenever you want to get an awesome wine tasting experience are listed below.

  1. V.sattui Winery

This winery is regarded as one of the most popular of the Napa valley wineries and the most visited in all of Napa. It runs 7 days a week so you can be sure to stop by any day and still have the feel of the amazing opportunity at this winery spot. There’s always a party in this winery so if you are a party lover, just brace up for this experience and enjoy Napa wine.

  1. Darioush Winery

This is another amazing winery to be visited in Napa. It comes at an affordable cost so you don’t need to be scared about breaking your account. You can be assured of a brilliant and outstanding wine tasting experience in this winery.

  1. Chateau Montelena

This winery came into limelight in 1976 by Mike Grgich. It contested during the “Paris tasting” competition and made it out as first place beating several others even the very prestigious France’s white Burgundies. This winery is one to visit as you will definitely not forget the visit in a rush.

  1. Domaine Carneros

If you are ever visiting Napa, you would want to consider visiting this majestic winery which was founded by the noble French Winery. It has 3 terraces where you can get breath taking views while having a taste of premium glass of Napa wine.

  1. Beringer Vineyards

This is another historic winery in Napa offering one of the best wines you can get in Napa. It was established in 1875 and assures you of an awesome tasting wine to suit your preference.

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