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The Shelf Life Of Opened Wine

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The Shelf Life Of Opened Wine

If you are someone who prefers to have a small glass of wine before bed, enjoy a glass only occasionally or enjoy the idea of making a bottle of wine last for a long time to be enjoyed over a larger period, figuring out how to store wine is an important thing to do. After all, if you keep your wine bottle unopened but stored in an improper way and it begins to go bad, it takes away the pleasure of that first glass that you wanted to extend for a few more nights. No matter what your reason for wanting to preserve an open bottle of wine, it’s important to know just how long each kind can last in the first place.

Red Wines
Red wine has a shelf life between three to five days and will maintain its flavor as long as it is stored in the right way with the use of a stopper and in a place that is cool, dry and away from sunlight. With the passage of time, the tannins and acids in red wine will loosen up, which will make the wine taste more palatable after sitting for a day while the harsher notes will become smoother.

Lighter White Wine and RosŽ
White and rosŽ wines tend to last five and seven days and taste better when sipped from a freshly opened bottle, as many people enjoy them for their bright and fresh flavors that have sharp, zingy notes. Those notes might start to slip away the longer these wines sit. If you insert a high-quality, well-made wine stopper into the neck of the bottle, you can preserve that crispness for as much as a week.

Full Body White Wine
A full-bodied white wine will stay at its best between two and three days. The time is shorter because this type of wine has already gone through a fair amount of oxidation before you even crack open the bottle for the first glass; so it will go bad more quickly than a fresher type of wine. Many people say that this type of wine is best when enjoyed within three days, and after that, many claim it becomes quite unpleasant.

Sparkling Wine and Champagne
With a shelf life of only 36 hours, drinking champagne and sparkling wine as soon as possible is important, especially if you don’t want to forgo the fizz that might have had you buying a sparkling wine to begin with. Some types, including Asti and Prosecco, might keep for just a little longer due to the method with which they are made, but any longer than two days, everything you love about champagne and sparkling wine will have completely disappeared.

Fortified Wines
If sparkling wine deteriorates the fastest, fortified wines are their opposite. They can keep for as long as five weeks because of their higher alcohol content, allowing you to enjoy their taste glass after glass for weeks to come.

Keep these tips in mind when you go to store a newly opened bottle of wine to ensure you always get the most out of every drop.

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