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What is the Best CBD Oil Infused Wine?

What is the Best CBD Oil Infused Wine?

By now we all know about the medical benefits of marijuana just as we are all aware of the health hazards associated with its misuse or abuse. This explains why concerted efforts have been made to use science to exploit these benefits while trying to avoid its accompanying disadvantages as much as possible. The efforts being made is aimed at harnessing the benefits of CBD oil while avoiding psychotropic consequence of THC. Asides from the pharmaceutical industry, wineries are not being left out in the marijuana revolution.

The benefits of CBD oil can now be enjoyed by wine connoisseurs who desire the medical benefits of wine and marijuana. While resveratrol found in grapes possess anti-aging qualities, minimizes the risk of cancer, lowers the risk of diabetes, and facilitates mental health, and a healthy heart amongst other documented benefits, CBD oil on the other hand is known to fights tumors, psychosis, inflammation, anxiety with qualities such as being analgesic,decreasing the risk for arterial occlusion, reducing small intestinal contractions, the reduction of vomit and nausea, bacterial growth reduction, anxiolytic function, muscle spasm elimination, treatment for psoriasis, and an antioxidant amongst other functions.

This is the magical experience that any winery making CBD oil infused wine is bringing to eager consumers. Wineries are making medicinal and recreational consumption of alcohol and marijuana a reality. Let’s examine the best CBD oil infused wines rapidly gaining popularity.

CBD Vines operating from Texas which is the location of the fifth most populous for vineyards in the United Statesis one of the first wines of its kind (winery infusing CBD oil) in the marketplace and is therefore guaranteed to leave a lasting mark with wine varieties which include; cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio, pinot noir, chardonnay, and red blends.

Cannawine is another unique product from a winery that offers unique CBD Oil-Infused wines which stands out from other products in the market. It is a successful blend of the benefits of wine and marijuana extract CBD oil in a single bottle and in an efficient dosage. It effectively manages the therapeutic features of CBD oil without the psychoactive consequences of other toxic cannabinoids that gives the herb its bad name. CannaWine’s delicacies include Spanish reds and whites with CBD oil infused aromas and tastes for your palates.

CannaVines operating from California, USA is another winery gaining traction gradually. Due to stringent laws regulating the use of Cannabis, the unique product is only available for Cannabis Tours in the golden state. Wine connoisseurs can enjoy CannaVines wines which are infused with classic CBD oil. Varieties include Red,white androsé blended with CBD oil and some strains such as sour diesel, Grand-daddy purple etc.

It’s a good thing Cannabis products will be constitutionally legal for medical and recreational use in Canada by September 2018. Mary Jane’s Magical Hemp Wines operating from Canada offers CBD oil infused wine with many varieties. With sensational names such as Magic White, BC Buddy White, BC Buddy Red, and the native Canadian BP Hemp Ice Wine, consumers are treated to a host of irresistible products. Thy also offer other alcoholic strains like CBD oil infused spirits and gin and their products can be ordered online via their website.

The Greenway “Know Label” Wine Tinctures from offers its products to licensed cannabis users in the state of California. The most outstanding feature which makes Greenway “Know Label” wine a unique experience is that the products offered have no labels so the pun intended is apparent but they are identified by the CBD oil strain used to make the wine, the type of wine and the date it was manufactured.The wine has also been popularized by a celebritywho is a cannabis advocate, the singer Melissa Etheridge who also prides herself as a cancer survivor.

To purchase the Sauvignon Blanc offered by the Rebel Coast Winery in California, USA, you have to be California resident. The product offered is precise with the measure of cannabis extracts used in their product. The winery is currently working on CBD oil infused rosé and a sparkling product soon to be released. This winery states its purpose explicitly and bluntly by revealing that they aim to make consumers giggly and naked with someone.

Since CBD oil dissolves in alcohol, don’t ever be restricted by the absence of a winery close to you, take the bold step to enjoy the highly safe and medicinal substance whenever you can responsibly.

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