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Which wine matches your relationship?

Which wine matches your relationship?

The easy breezy relationship: Riesling
When the relationship between you and your partner is an equal balance of friendship and romance, Riesling is the wine that suits you. For instance, if people look at you and see two best friends involved in a lovey-dovey relationship, the bond is easy and smooth. A relationship advice for is to hold no inhibitions between you two and pour your hearts out to each other because the foundation of the relationship is friendship. Riesling is a lighter variety of wine and the sweet aroma is of fresh apples. This wine tastes fresh and gets tastier with time.

The spicy relationship: Syrah
If you and your partner’s relationship is the talk of the town and one word that defines this chemistry the best is “hot” then Syrah is the most appropriate kind of wine. In these kinds of relationship, there is nothing low-key; every moment spent together is full of sizzle and spice. Syrah wine gives you this exact flavor of spice. This variety spreads the aroma and taste of wild black-fruit with dominant flavours of black pepper spice and roasting meat. The wine also has flavours of toffee resembling the subtle sweetness in the spicy relationship.

The happening relationship: sparkling wine
The party starter of the town, the most appropriate wine for you is the sparkling wine. This suits your personality as the most important is the free spirit of you and your partner and that is reason enough to cause a celebration. The sparkling wine derives its name from the significant levels of carbon dioxide concentration in it that gives it the fizz resulting in the sparkling effects. That exactly matches the liveliness and spark of the relationship. There’s the match for you; the most happening relationship in town with the sparkling wine. The most prominent relationship advice for you would be to keep this very spark alive forever.

The passionate relationship: classic red wine
There are some relationships that stand apart from the others because of the amount of passion involved in it. You and your partner literally crave for each other cannot stay apart. Similar to this is the typical form of red wine. Red wine is produced from the darkest variety of grapes. The color of the red wine is so dark and intense that it matches with the passion of the relationship. Red wine is the classic variety and your relationship with its potent romance and love between you and your partner quintessentially resembles it.

The wise relationship: pinot noir
There are couples who have treaded the long path of the relationship together from the start and have thoroughly evolved with the assistance of each other. Their experience is so broad that they can even give out relationship advice to beginners to ensure a successful run. Similar is the case with pinot noir. Pinot noir is the red wine grape variety and is capable of longer aging and derives the name from the category of grapes that it is derived from. The essence of the wine lies in its aging and so does your relationship; the more years passed together, the deeper the love is.

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