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Wine Marketing to Millennials

Wine Marketing to Millennials

Millennials consume very much fine wine despite the widespread belief that they do not. Millennials are individuals who were born between 1980 to 2000, an age group of 20 to 40 years old. Millennials consume too much fine wine right now. It is important that wineries tap into their market in order to reap more. Millennials are tech-savvy individuals who will easily be allured by flashy items or commodities. Of the $62 billion dollars generated from wine sales in the US alone, millennials were responsible for consuming 42% As such, wineries have started putting into consideration this group of individuals with growing and diversifying demands.

Compared to the past generation’s millennials do not read a lot. Most of them spend time online checking things up. They are unlike the precedent generation who consumed a lot of literature and read widely. It is therefore essential that a fine wine marketing consultant consider various issues concerning the business that may affect the marketing operations, for example, the revenue generated by the business or the market share of the winery.

This will provide important insight which will help the marketer pick on the marketing structure. Various marketing issues have started to emerge. For example, millennials prefer short and fun advertisements over long and concise bearing advertisements. This is the first red-light signal for an ordinary marketer. It is very essential to be trendy in order to attract millennials. How can you go about this? How can you do effective marketing to this sensitive and very complex group of young people?

  • Understand them

It is very important to understand the millennial. They can be very demanding but as a winery, it is advisable that you give them an ear. Get their feedback about your commodities and get to develop them. This is a new niche for most wine sellers and it may seem challenging to some extent since the millennial is less considerate about convectional wine consumption.

When you get to understand them, you will appreciate them. When marketing wine, always remember that the millennial will always inquire about the brand of the wine, the quality of the wine, how the wine was produced and the history of the winery. As such, it is important that you provide them with this information.

  • Engage them

Get to know what they want and how they need it by engaging them on various platforms. You can do it by simply asking for comment regarding the wine you just sold them. You can also start discussions on social media platforms where they can talk about the product. This will provide a good insight towards the betterment of the commodity. By engaging them, you will make them feel involved in the part of decision making and this will bring about the feeling of attachment to the commodity.

  • Be original

Millennials want to feel new. They would appreciate sampling from different types of wineries. For your winery to make the cut, you must be creative and innovative. This brings more people to buy the wines compared to when the creativity and innovativeness of the winery are lower. It is usually better to brainstorm as a team and come up with a well laid out plan on how to make the winery more innovative.

Be innovative on how you brand your wine. Do not brand it like other people do. It would be advisable to develop better and more marketable wines which do not conform to the ideas which have revolved around fine wine production. You can show millennials this content on various platforms, preferably blogs. If you create exemplary content, then the winery will get more clients.

  • eCommerce

You can put your fine wine on sale on various platforms where you can sell them. Marketing wine consultants have advocated for the use of this method to foster the expansion of a winery’s clientele. With eCommerce, it is possible to sell to a person whom you have not met without raising a finger. In order to get a good wine market from millennials, put the content on the platforms and sell them. Within time, you will start receiving payment. That will be a good breakthrough.

  • Digital marketing

Most of the people in this age bracket have access to internet connection. Digital marketing for a winery would do great in ensuring that the sales volume of the winery improves. The winery must first be felt online. This may be done by taking measures such as developing more websites and creating new blogs. With these websites, you are able to carry out a number of advertisements, like cost per click advertisement or affiliate marketing. The positive effects of the adoption of these strategies will be felt as more traffic is generated into the websites.

  • Social Media Marketing

More and more people are signing up on social media platforms. It is estimated that 75% of millennials in developed countries are signed up to more than one social media platform. As such, it is essential to consider social media marketing whereby content is promoted on various social media platforms. When you apply this method, remember to be flashy and eye-catching since social media users will tend to lean towards commodities that have the best looks. With this method, it is easier to engage with the audience since there are comment sections. It is a good marketing wine strategy.

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