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Wine & Weed Symposium

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Wine & Weed Symposium

The Wine and Weed Symposium has been around for a couple of years now, and it has been growing in leaps and bounds in just that little time.

Already, the event has reached a stage where it is selling out its attendee projections, going on to cement just how much the industry needs this kind of symposium to happen in the first place. Speaking of, the wealth of industry leaders, experts and enthusiasts who flock to this event is yet another thing to be reckoned with.

Now that yet another one is at the door, here is everything you need to ensure you do not miss the upcoming wine and cannabis convention.

Who is organizing Wine & Weed Symposium 2019?
Just like the last two episodes, this version of the symposium will also be organized by the Wine International Network.

For those who do not know them, they are recognized as ‘THE Business Resource’ for the wine industry. With their headquarters in Canada, WIN has been able to drive a lot of thought leadership on different fields in and around the wine industry.

With the latest venture being how wine and cannabis can exist side by side in an economy where both products are highly legalized, they also have hands in two other yearly expos: North Coast Wine Industry Expo and U.S. Wine and Beverage Expo.

When is Wine & Weed Symposium 2019?
Just like the 2018 event, the Wine & Weed Symposium 2019 will be held in August too. The dates will not be the same though.

Thus, if you are looking to attend the event for this year, get your calendar and mark off August 8th so you don’t end up setting something else in that timeslot. This follows through from the last edition, ensuring the event holds on a Thursday.

Where is Wine & Weed Symposium 2019?
Just like the last editions, the Wine & Weed Symposium 2019 will keep its home at Santa Rosa, Canada. The exact location would be the base of the company in the region at:
Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country, Santa Rosa, Canada.

What will be discussed at Wine & Weed Symposium 2019?
One of the enthralling things about Wine & Weed Symposium is that the conversation is almost taken up from where it ended the last time.

The very first event made it obvious that there are a lot of questions in the wine industry alone, but the answers are far and in between. Thus, the first installment made sure these questions were tackled more effectively. Even at that, though, more questions had already emerged in the space of that one year.

Bringing the cannabis convention into the wine industry, there are now more questions to be answered than before.

What does this introduction mean for the wine industry? How will competition stay healthy between both industries? What impacts should be expected, and how can entrepreneurs on both sides enjoy from the influence of the other? More than that, how possible will it be to run a cannabis and wine establishment side by side?

All of these questions will be taken, tackled and answered as best as suits different areas. Yes, different areas, since the laws guarding these two substances are not uniform everywhere.

Such an opportunity will even provide brands in both industries with extra insight on what markets to go into for a better festering of their business models. On top of that, they get all the information they need to make any niche they are in work for them – and their market in the long run.

Already, Wine & Weed Symposium has established a habit of discussing the agricultural and quality aspects of both substances in line with the legal requirements. Combined, this makes the wine and cannabis convention one you don’t want to miss out on.

Why you should attend Wine & Weed Symposium 2019
Besides all the obvious learning advantages from above, know that all information you get will be coming from proven industry experts and leaders. Thus, you can be sure of getting not just loads of information and insight, but actionable ones too.

The best part of it all is that you can also get involved. Find out how below.

How to get involved in Wine & Weed Symposium 2019
WIN has made it possible for any and everyone in the wine and cannabis industry to get involved in this convention via a number of ways:

  • Paper submissions – If you have a great topic that you believe will drive thoughts, and it is in line with the aim of Wine & Weed Symposium, you can pitch the idea. Your topic could also get selected, giving you a chance to present your ideas to all attendees on the D-day. By extension, that affords you an avenue to let your voice be heard in making significant contribution to the wine and cannabis industry in the same vein
  • Exhibition – Got products you would like the world to see? Why not book a stand and exhibit it for good measure? Besides showcasing your stuff, this is also a great networking opportunity with industry leaders and experts from far and wide
  • Sponsorship – Your brand could also contribute to making the event a bigger success by sponsoring it. You get to contribute your quota to this movement, and you also get exposure for it too. A win-win for both parties involved.

    With the latest venture being how wine and cannabis can exist side by side in an economy where both products are highly legalized, they also have hands in two other yearly expos: North Coast Wine Industry Expo and U.S. Wine and Beverage Expo.
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